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Perfect Scoundrels By Ally Carter

Greed, revenge, envy, betrayal... Everyone knows life doesn't always go to plan, but it's worse when it happens in the middle of a high rise first. Katarina Bishop had run away from her heist society and been pulled back so it was only a matter of time before Hale was pulled back to the high society. When Hazel… Continue reading Perfect Scoundrels By Ally Carter

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Uncommon Criminals By Ally Carter

Everyone knows the life of a thief can be tricky especially if you start to work alone. Katarina Bishop has made the decision to stop stealing for own gain, and after what happened at the Henley she wants to return all artifacts stolen in the Holocaust to their rightful owners. But no thief is meant… Continue reading Uncommon Criminals By Ally Carter

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Heist Society By Ally Carter

Katarina Bishop leaves the family business by pulling off the biggest heist in her families history, a normal life at a prestigious school. But when Kats' dad is threatened by a very dangerous man, W. W. Hale the 5 must bring her back to the family business. Even if the prank's a little cliche. Kat knows her… Continue reading Heist Society By Ally Carter