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Take the key and lock her Up

Author- Ally Carter. I do believe this is the last book in the embassy row series ūüė¶ It is yet another amazing Embassy Row book. Wonderful characters, beautiful settings and unlikely heros. After Gracie discovers the mysteries of her heritage she must run to save her brothers life after a stab wound hes not as… Continue reading Take the key and lock her Up


Iron Trial

Author- Holly Black and¬†Cassandra¬†Clare¬† Think you know magic? Think again. Would you want to go into a Magisterium¬†and pass the iron trial? Most people would, but, not Callum Hunt. ¬†He is determined not to get in because of his father's fears. Callum doesn't want to get in so much that he does his WORST -… Continue reading Iron Trial


Finding Serendipity

A TUESDAY MCGILLYCUDDY ADVENTURE Tuesday McGillycuddy loves books. Her Mother, Serendipity Smith, is the most famous author in the world. When Tuesday's mother goes missing. Tuesday and her dog Baxterr go on a mission to find out what happened and where she is. Tuesday and her dog go to a place where story's are made,… Continue reading Finding Serendipity

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Moonlight and Ashes

Moonlight and Ashes Author- Sophie Masson The story of Cinderella as you've never heard it before...... This story is about a girl hows life plummets from being a wealthy aristocrat to servant girl in her OWN house. A hazel twig, a¬†prince and a¬†lot of¬†unexpected twists. This is a story of Selena how will decide her… Continue reading Moonlight and Ashes

Mapmakers Chronicles

Mapmaker Chronicles

Map Maker's Chronicles Book 1 - Race to the End of the World Author - Alison Tait (A.L. Tait) The story Race to the worlds end¬†was AMAZING. It has unbelievable twists and turns and likeable characters. It is a story about a boy who gets chosen to go around the world to make a map… Continue reading Mapmaker Chronicles