About Talia and the Tales

Hi everyone and welcome to Tales for Teens.

Teen book club
Teen book reviews

I love to read and when I’m finished reading, I love to talk about the books and the new friends I’ve made. (Believe me… I drive my family MAD) so I’ve decided to create this blog

Do you ever feel that way?

You finish a book and get a bit, well sad.

So here’s a place where I can tell you what I’ve been reading, what I liked and what I didn’t like. Then you can do the same. Add a comment to my review or add a review yourself through the comments pages.

We are not all going to like the same things and we might get different things out of the same book. Isn’t that cool?

This is kind a book club for teens. Tell me what you’re reading or send your parents/grandparent etc over here to find out what’s good for gifts.

About Talia

I live in Queensland Australia with my parents, painful older brother and our poodle ‘Sparkle’.

My favourite things to do are to read books (obviously), watch TV, play basketball, ride my bike, go to the beach, go on holidays, do Zumba and most importantly write.

I’ve always wanted to be a writer. I love creating stories of my own, meeting new characters, exploring worlds I didn’t even know existed inside my head. There is a sad reality for writers though, sometimes I get writer’s block, or I just don’t particularly like what I made. I have this blog just so I can think about the books I’ve read and hopefully think about some possible stories that I could write. Who knows what can come out when you just sit down and let your fingers type what they choose.



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