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The Hunger Games By Suzanne Collins

This series is amazing! I have been putting off reading it for a long time because I had already seen the movies and I thought the books would be really confronting. But what I found was that 1: I was correct and 2: I didn’t mind. I think these books are important to show how easy we have it. When we read, we try to imagine ourselves in place of our favourite characters. In doing that, we journey deeper inside ourselves to see how we treat the people around us, how we see our life and what we take for granted. The Hunger Games is one of those series where we can do this. The effect it has had on me is profound. I no longer get frustrated at the little things, I have been trying my best to be kinder to my friends and, it may sound tacky, but I really have been trying to enjoy the little things. So even though The Hunger Games is extremely sad I still feel it is important for everyone to read it.

Katniss Everdeen is from district 12. The last and poorest district in Panem. Families are starving, including Katniss’s. After her father died in a mine explosion, along with Gale’s dad, Katniss and Gale become unlikely friends, illegally hunting to keep their families from wasting away along with the others.

The Hob is an illegal safe haven for Katniss to trade for supplies with the other desperate folk of the mining district. The peacekeepers are relatively chill and survive off the game Gale and Katniss bring back, so punishment is almost non-existent and Katniss wouldn’t care anyway, as long as she was keeping Prim alive.

Life was working out ok.The hunger Games

Until the reaping. Every year each of the districts must provide one girl and one boy of the ages between 12-18 to become tributes in the games, to remind them what happens when the districts try to rebel.

The Hunger Games is performed in an arena controlled by the game makers. If the 24 kids killing each other isn’t enough entertainment for the capital, the game makers are the ones who step in. Mutations. Fire. Mind games. You name it they will find a way to torture the tributes with it. To the districts, the games are what takes their children, siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews, away from them. To the capitol, it is an enjoyable dramatic television program, that they can bet on and cry over for losing the money that they had on the child who was just brutally murdered. So, when the reaping comes around, and Prim’s name is called, Katniss breaks. She becomes the first from District 12 to volunteer as tribute for her sister.

Then the boy’s names are called.

Peeta Mellark. The boy with the bread.

With a drunken mentor, a boy in love and zero social skills. Katniss has to fight hard to stay alive. Good thing she’s good with a bow and arrow. But is hunting game the same as hunting children?

What did you think of The Hunger Games? 


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