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Double Crossed: A Spies and Thieves story By Ally Carter

This novella was a new concept to me as I have never read a cross-over book before, what I mean is I have never read a book with characters from different stories coming together in one epic adventure.

I suggest if you read this book to read the Gallagher Girl series and the Heist Society series as it will make the plot and the characters make A LOT more sense.

In this crossover it is just a ‘normal’ high society fundraiser gala. The normal people are there, the beautiful Macey McHenry and her parents and the devilishly handsome W. W. Hale the fifth and his parents. When Hale is due to leave for Rome with Kat by the upper floor window (or so I assume) he notices something odd, luckily for him hes not the only one.

With a room full of over 100 of the most important people in New York City, can a thief and a spy, from very different sides of the law, work together to stop the men in presidential masks from stealing some of the most valuable items in the Athenia Hotel?

Find out for free! The novella can be downloaded as a PDF from this link.


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