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Heist Society By Ally Carter

Katarina Bishop leaves the family business by pulling off the biggest heist in her families history, a normal life at a prestigious school. But when Kats’ dad is threatened by a very dangerous man, W. W. Hale the 5 must bring her back to the family business. Even if the prank’s a little cliche.

Kat knows her dad didn’t steal Arturo Taccone’s priceless paintings, after all, how could he if he was doing another job in another country, on the same night? Arturo Taccone doesn’t care about this tiny detail all he wants is his paintings. Can they pull off the biggest heist before the two-week deadline’s up?

With a ‘family’ of teenage thieves to pull it off, it shouldn’t be too hard to break into one of the most secure museums in the world. Should it?

This book was a thrilling read and as it always is with Ally Carter’s books I loved and thoroughly enjoyed every twist and turn. Can’t wait to start the next book, Uncommon Criminals!


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