Cross my Heart and Hope to spy

Author- Ally Carter

Cross my heart and hope to die is the second intriguing book in The Gallagher Girls series. After Cammie is forced to break it off with her first boyfriend Josh all she wants is a peaceful semester where nothing out of the ordinary happens. Of course it is a school for spies and she has a genius IQ, but seriously, whats the worst that can happen? Well a lot actually. When the Gallagher Academy lie to its students about some mysterious quests at the school there is nothing for it but for the Cammie, Liz, Bex and Macey to investigate.

Who could the quests be? High ranking spies? Or boys with a dark backgrounds?

Find out in this brilliantly written novel!



9 thoughts on “Cross my Heart and Hope to spy”

      1. They are AMAZING! The first book is The False Prince. They are written by Jennifer A. Nielsen and they are currently thinking about making it into a movie. If you read them you will fall in love with Sage! He is sarcastic and smart and adorable!


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