Magical book for teens
Fairy Tale Twists

Moonlight and Ashes By Sophie Masson


The story of Cinderella as you’ve never heard it before……

This story is about a girl hows life plummets from being a wealthy aristocrat to servant girl in her OWN house.

A hazel twig, a prince and a lot of unexpected twists. This is a story of Selena how will decide her own destiny and show that magic is not to be feared but celebrated.

With the help of a wolf and Prince Charming, they must find proof and bring light to the horrible deeds.

This book is great for teenage girls but I would NOT recommend it for boys of any age.

This book is a must read!!!!!!

P.S. Sophie Masson came to talk to us at my school! Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the right group to hear! I was so crushed! Luckily I was still able to get all my books signed.

Excellent book for teens
MUST read

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